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It is important to keep your office hygienic by keeping it clean and free from clutter and mess in order to get the most out of your employees.  A great deal of time is spent at the office and no one likes to work in a dirty and messy environment.  If you follow these few simple tips you will realise how […]

With any business, your office should look clean and professional and here are some tips. Filing System You should have a good filing system, with documents filed on a regular basis, however, this is so much easier these days as a lot of your documents will be stored on your computer. Storage of Documents Archived […]

Removing finger marks and general grubbiness from your lovely painted walls is generally easy and effective. Firstly wipe marks with a damp cloth as and when they appear. For large areas of grubby wall firstly vacuum to remove dust then use a solution of warm water and a few drops of washing up liquid, sponge […]

How To Clean Your Wooden Furniture It is worth taking care of your wooden furniture to extend it’s life. On a weekly basis, dust with a clean soft microfibre cloth and use a paintbrush to get into any nooks and crannies. Apply a wax polish once or twice a year to protect your wood.  Wipe […]

Pre Christmas Cleaning Tips Do a Pre Crimbo Blitz Clean Before you put up your Christmas tree and spread all those lovely decorations around your house, give your house a good clean.  Declutter first of all by putting away things you won’t really need over the Christmas period and also put away some ornaments particularly […]

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Cleaning Tips

More Cleaning Tips Greasy Grime Cleaning greasy grime is much easier if you heat a sponge in the microwave for 20/30 seconds, then use your regular kitchen clean to wipe away, you will be amazed at how much easier it is. Shower Doors If you have neglected your shower doors, you can remove the buildup […]

Cleaning Grease Stains in the Kitchen If you have built up great stains in your kitchen and are using a regular degreaser, spray on the offending areas and let the liquid do its work by leaving on for about half an hour and then scrub scrub scrub.  After degreasing your kitchen, regularly maintain for a […]

Dusting Most people seem to dislike dusting and whilst we offer a thorough dusting within our cleaning services a once a month dust by yourself is a good way forward to help your home looking spick and span Whilst dusting your home, it makes sense to do a tidy up at the same time such […]

Your move from one house to the next is all sorted out except for the final job – the dreaded end of tenancy clean! We have put together some simple steps to make the whole process much less overwhelming: Step 1:  Clear out for the Clean Up The more furniture you have in each room […]

Cooking for the family is hard enough without spillages, nasty smells, smoke, and bugs being a hindrance.  Here are our 10 biggest kitchen annoyances and what you can do to get rid of them.      Avoid Spillages Inside and Outside of Your Fridge When we get up in the morning most of us are still a […]

Cats, dogs, and all other furry animals become well-loved household pets, and they are as much a part of your family as your children are.  On the down-side, these lovely beloved pets often make household cleaning an absolute headache. What with  muddy paws, hairy furniture and carpet,  and the odd accident, we can spend a […]