Most people seem to dislike dusting and whilst we offer a thorough dusting within our cleaning services a once a month dust by yourself is a good way forward to help your home looking spick and span

Whilst dusting your home, it makes sense to do a tidy up at the same time such as picking bits and pieces up that shouldn’t be where they are, sorting and tidying paperwork and puffing your cushions and pillows up.

Be as thorough as you can as time allows, that way you won’t have to think about the dusting for a while.  Also it is more efficient to move your items and ornaments and then to dust instead of picking each item up and dusting as you go along.  Make sure you lift blinds and curtains to properly clean window sills.

Skirting boards, tops of doors, doors and door architraves don’t need doing every time but should be done at least once a month.  Also light switches, which are often left out.  Patio doors generally need doing quite regularly particularly if you have little children or pets.

Remember, few ornaments make easier dusting.


Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms when it comes to cleaning  Not only do you use them regularly, but so will every guest you have over.  People also seem to judge your cleanliness by how clean your bathroom is.  A wipe over after use makes the cleaning regime a lot easier.


Mirrors should be smear free from all angles. If they’re not, they will not look clean and you’ll just be forced to do them again. The mirror will also stay cleaner longer if it’s really clean.


Make sure you clean the bowl, lids, fronts, bases, tops, and especially in and around the seat fasteners where dirt tends to collect, we recommend using a toothbrush for these areas.

Wipe the base of the toilet and in behind the toilet by hand as a mop just can’t do this job satisfactorily.


Clean all lights (including the bulbs once they have cooled), toilet paper and towel racks, and the tops of the shower curtain rod. Also take care to clean the underside of taps especially where taps meet basins and baths. Hot water and a cream cleaner will do the job.

If you have a shower door with metal trim, make sure you clean the track


Fold your towels in a neatly fashion to give your bathroom a great look.


Extra cleaning is usually required around the toilet area, but just do a general check and wipe clean where necessary.


Vacuum most used rooms more frequently such as hall and lounge.


Move furniture about every three months for a thorough vacuum.

Area Rugs

Rugs don’t need to be moved everytime when vacuuming, fortnightly is enough.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

If you have occasional fires or a wood stove, vacuum hearths to remove ashes as they can blow around to other parts of your house easily.


When you vacuum the kitchen, vacuum the surface around your toaster and underneath it as there will always be crumbs there.

Lamp Shades

Vacuum these from time to time.


If you have an entrance from the garage into your house, vacuum towards or into the garage which will keep grit from making its way into your house.

Patio Doors

Open patio doors and vacuum the tracks.


Clean under kitchen sinks, tidy, wipe and do the same for the bin area. This area gets a lot of use and becomes dirty quickly.


If you have hardwood floors, use a hardwood cleaner on them, for other floors a little washing up liquid in a bucket of warm water works well.

General Moping Tips

Mop your way out of a room, and it helps to keep the mop head going in the same direction of the grain of the hardwood floor – this reduces the chance of streaks appearing.

When it’s all dry, put back your mats, chairs, and anything else you picked up off the floor.

Remove the mop heads and put in the washing machine.

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