Your move from one house to the next is all sorted out except for the final job – the dreaded end of tenancy clean!

We have put together some simple steps to make the whole process much less overwhelming:

Step 1:  Clear out for the Clean Up

The more furniture you have in each room the harder and longer it will take you to clean. Get the furniture out first! The emptier the space, the easier it will be. If you cannot move all the furniture, take out as much as you can. Or maybe move furniture from one room to another if it’s not too large or heavy. Once the room is empty, make a start.

Step 2:  Tackle The Walls

If you have rented your property and put holes in the walls for paintings, pictures, mirrors, etc, then they will need to be filled and painted over. Landlords expect their property to look and be in the same condition as when you moved in, apart from a little wear and tear. If you move furniture and you see the walls are a slightly different colour behind, give it a wash down. as best you can, but don’t scrub too hard as that may ruin the paintwork. Don’t forget the doorframes, top of doors, blinds, windowsills, skirting boards, radiators, light fixtures, EVERYTHING! If there are curtains check to see if they are a little grubby and if so get them cleaned which will also add a fresh smell into the room anyway.

Step 3:  Don’t Forget The Oven!

This is can be a particularly horrible job depending on how long it has been since your last cleaned it and how often you burn your food!  Ideally, you should clean your oven regularly to make the last time a hell of a lot easier. Make sure you have plenty of newspaper down around the oven and use a strong oven cleaner/oven shelf cleaner for this. Get right into the corners and hard to clean spots.  You might want to start this job days before the big day, so you can have several attempts at it, if its really bad.

Step 4:  Moving onto the Carpets

Once you’ve got everything out of the rooms, the walls have been washed, the furniture has been removed…it is time to clean the carpets.  They are bound to be a little grubby, if not stained, since you moved in.  You can always hire a ‘Rug Doctor’, for example, and clean the carpets yourself.

Step 5: Take photographic evidence!

Take as many photos as you possibly can moving from room to room. That way, if the landlord starts questioning you about the stain in the corner of the living room (which was not there when the carpet cleaning was done), you have a strong argument that it was not there when you left and, therefore, not your fault. Keep yourself as prepared as possible. When you’re done…… time to chill out.


Give Kleenology a call and takeaway your biggest headache of your move.  We can do all that for you, giving you more time for all the other things that need doing and organising or extra time just to chill.

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