It is important to keep your office hygienic by keeping it clean and free from clutter and mess in order to get the most out of your employees.  A great deal of time is spent at the office and no one likes to work in a dirty and messy environment.  If you follow these few simple tips you will realise how easy and simple it is to keep your office in a nice way at all times, making your employees happy and giving a good impression to visitors coming into your building.

grape bucket  green brush  lime vac 2  blue mopper       yello polisher    grape dust pan brush

1.  Get rid of the clutter, making it easier to get rid of the dust, both making a difference to the overall look of the tidiness and cleanliness of your office.  If surfaces are wiped clean regularly it makes sense that they will stay clean.  Sort your paperwork daily as this will help the clutter problem and ease of cleaning problem and makes a big difference to the overall look of the office.

2.  Using a disinfectant to clean all surfaces is very important as there are lots of people in the office moving around and touching things, making it a haven for bacteria and germs and thus leading to illness and employees being off work.  Particularly important are telephones and keyboards which are quite often forgotten about and need to be cleaned with a disinfectant frequently.

3.  Being organized helps with the clutter and thus the cleanliness.  Use particular areas to store particular items and do not let things build up on your desk.  Neat cupboards means you can store more and also find things more easily.  Organising should be done daily, it is much easier if you put things away after you have used them.

4.  Lastly, hire the services of a cleaning company, such as Kleenology, to come in at least once a week to perform a thorough clean of your offices.

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