Pre Christmas Cleaning Tips

Do a Pre Crimbo Blitz Clean

Before you put up your Christmas tree and spread all those lovely decorations around your house, give your house a good clean.  Declutter first of all by putting away things you won’t really need over the Christmas period and also put away some ornaments particularly those that you really don’t want to get broken and also this makes more room for your cards and decorations.  Wipe down all surfaces, do a thorough vacuum and a good clean of the bathrooms.  It’s a good time to open the windows and let some fresh air in.

Prepare Guest Rooms      

Prepare guest rooms.  First a quick declutter then make sure there is some storage space free.  Make up the bed with some fresh linen.  Wipe clean surfaces and vacuum.  Open the window and let the fresh air in for a little while.

The Kitchen

For the kitchen, get out all those items you only use at Christmas or special occasions and give them a good clean, such as your best crockery, turkey roaster, posh wine and champagne glasses, etc.  Buff up your cutlery too.

Crimbo Decorations

Spruce up your dusty decs and make sure your Christmas tree lights are working.

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