With any business, your office should look clean and professional and here are some tips.

Filing System
You should have a good filing system, with documents filed on a regular basis, however, this is so much easier these days as a lot of your documents will be stored on your computer.

Storage of Documents
Archived documents may be better stored off-site so as not to declutter your office.  If your documents are stored on your computer, make sure they are backed up so as not to lose anything.

No Eating at Your Desk Policy
Have a policy in place that states no employees eat at their desk as messy crumbs looks so unprofessional.

Keep Desks and Counters Clean
Place around the office some all purpose cleaner and clean cloths for everyone to do a quick wipe around here and there, to keep dust at bay and clean any spillages.

Use different bins which are labeled for recycling and all the other stuff.

Cleaning Communal Areas
These areas can often become quite dirty, maybe work out a rota so that all employees take their turn in keeping it clean and tidy.

Office Plants
They can look lovely but if not maintained, will turn brown and leaves will fall, and office then look shabby, so either look after them or go for an artificial option, particularly if there isn’t much sunlight in your office.

Clean under and behind furniture
Don’t forget these areas, your guests and potential customers will certainly notice.

Pretend to be your Client
Walk through your door into your office as if you were a potential customer/client and see how you could improve the tidiness and cleanliness of your office.



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