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Firstly, here are 3 rules to follow: Get In The Mood Don’t know how you do this but you’re wasting your time if you are just not in the cleaning mood.  Set aside about 40 minutes if you bathroom tends to get neglected.  However, if you have been keeping it tip top 20 minutes is […]

Washing up liquid has many uses when it comes to cleaning around your home.  Here are some of them. Floor Cleaner Fill a bucket with warm water and add a few drops of washing up liquid.  A great cleaner for your hardwood, laminate or tiled flooring. Grease Stain Buster A gentle cleaner for all your […]

Here’s some uses of vinegar around your home to make life easier and cheaper. Freshen up Your Fridge Mix half vinegar and half water and wipe out the inside of your fridge with a clean cloth. Clean up Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups Mix equal parts of vinegar and salt (or baking soda) and use […]

Washing your hands helps prevents infection.  Understanding when to wash your hands is very important and also getting your children into this habit.  So to prevent sickness and illness wash your hands on a regular basis.  You only need soap and water if you don’t have use of water use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. […]

There are certain areas in your home that are often missed.  This can be due to slapdash or lack of time or not really knowing how to clean properly.  Here are some areas we frequently find dirty or dusty. Skirting Boards Often neglected and get dusty and scuff marked.  They really only need cleaning once […]

Bread Bread is the natural alternative to a synthetic sponge, and does the same thing, soak up liquid.  It can be used for dusting, wiping walls, soaking up spillages and any general cleaning. Ketchup Great for cleaning your copper, brass and silver. Just rub on with a clean dry cloth, leave for a while and […]

If you look after your machine it will last longer.  Give it a thorough clean, say, monthly/every other month, depending on use. To get rid of powder buildup, stains and bacteria, put two cups of bleach in the powder tray and run an empty cycle on a hot wash.  Then do the same using vinegar […]

Firstly half fill your sink with warm water and add about 2 cups of distilled white vinegar.  Place all removable parts inside your dishwasher into your sink and leave to soak, this includes filter, utensil holder, etc.  After soaking, check all food bits have come off and if not use a tooth brush to remove […]

How  To Clean Your Mattress  Give it a good vacuum first using the upholstery attachment both sides.  In fact it is good to turn and flip your mattress on a regular basis.  It is a good idea to use a mattress cover for protection. If the mattress is particularly dirty use a commercial shampoo otherwise […]

Clean As You Go Keep a caddy in every room of your house with your favourite cleaning products and some cleaning cloths in.   It’s much easier to clean up your mess as you go along if you have the right stuff to hand, if you have to go and get it, particular if you are […]

How To Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes a Day Kitchen 5 Mins Daily Start with the sink, a shining sink shows off your kitchen.  Always keep it free from dishes doing those after use makes cleaning a lot easier.  Use a kitchen cleaner to clean it and buff afterwards with a soft dry micro […]

How to Clean Your Shower Doors First of all fill a bucket with hot water and using a sponge rub all over your shower doors to get them well moistened. Then using a bathroom cleaner squirt a generous amount onto the abrasive side of the sponge and rub well over your entire shower screen.  If […]