How To Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes a Day

Kitchen 5 Mins Daily

Start with the sink, a shining sink shows off your kitchen.  Always keep it free from dishes doing those after use makes cleaning a lot easier.  Use a kitchen cleaner to clean it and buff afterwards with a soft dry micro fibre cloth.  Then wipe down cooker top and then all work surfaces.  Then hoover and mop the floor.

Bathroom 3 Mins Daily

Cleaning the basin after each use keeps it clean.  Wipe down toilet, basin and bath and squeegee shower door.

Bedroom 6 Mins Daily

Make your bed after your shower or after you have dressed yourself and stick to the habit.  Tidy clothes away or put them in the linen basket.  Quick vacuum.  If you have space, keep a vacuum upstairs and have another downstairs.

Lounge and Hallway 6 Mins

Start with settee with plump up the cushions.  Put away items lying around and wipe down coffee table and side tables.  A quick vacuum and mop if necessary.

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