Bread is the natural alternative to a synthetic sponge, and does the same thing, soak up liquid.  It can be used for dusting, wiping walls, soaking up spillages and any general cleaning.

Great for cleaning your copper, brass and silver. Just rub on with a clean dry cloth, leave for a while and clean off with a clean damp cloth.

Slightly abrasive and obviously great for cleaning teeth, toothpaste is also good for cleaning grout, taps and other metals as well as other objects around the house.

Mainly made up of oil, it is great for cleaning wood.  Use sparingly and don’t let it sit on wood for too long.

Only use the clear type such as vodka, it is a great antiseptic.  It is good for getting rid of foul odours from floors and walls.

Olive Oil
Great for polishing stainless steel and wooden furniture.  Use sparingly.

Baking Soda
A greater all rounder when it comes to cleaning around your home.  Is great for getting stains out of many surfaces.  It can be mixed with a little water to form a paste and making easy to use.  Also a good carpet deodorizer, sprinkle all over carpet, leave for a few hours and vacuum, repeat if necessary.

White Vinegar
Put one part vinegar to 2 parts warm water in a spray bottle and add a little salt.  This is a great all purpose cleaner around your home.



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