There are certain areas in your home that are often missed.  This can be due to slapdash or lack of time or not really knowing how to clean properly.  Here are some areas we frequently find dirty or dusty.

Skirting Boards
Often neglected and get dusty and scuff marked.  They really only need cleaning once a month and if done this regularly don’t take long at all.  Just wipe a damp cloth along them.  If there are any scuff marks, just rub off using some cream cleaner.

Doors, Tops of Doors and Architraves
Again often neglected and needs doing on a monthly basis and if done regularly quick and easy.  Use a damp cloth and wipe.  Use cream cleaner for scuff marks and for dirty marks around the door handle.

Door Handles
Wipe with a disinfectant cleaner on a weekly basis to help spread of germs.  When left over a period of time becomes quite hard to clean properly.  Do on a weekly basis it really is well worth it.

Curtain Poles
Clean with a damp cloth on a monthly basis.

Light Fittings
Often neglected and don’t look at all nice when thick with dust.  Just a quick wipe over once a month is enough and don’t forget the light bulb.

Behind the Toilet
A very much forgotten area, but very important, obviously, germs, etc.

Behind Furniture
Usually not done frequently enough, but really only needs doing say every other month.

They all seem to come at once and suddenly appear, just get rid of them when they appear, they look so awful, yet people don’t seem to look up and see them there.

Underneath Radiators
More often neglected than not.  Only needs doing every other month or so with a damp cloth.  Doesn’t show, but you know the dirt is there if you don’t ever wipe there.

Basin Plugholes
Eventually get black and disgusting when left.  Use an old toothbrush and clean regularly.


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