Firstly, here are 3 rules to follow:

Get In The Mood
Don’t know how you do this but you’re wasting your time if you are just not in the cleaning mood.  Set aside about 40 minutes if you bathroom tends to get neglected.  However, if you have been keeping it tip top 20 minutes is easily achievable.  Choose some music you like, it doesn’t half make it more fun to clean, something upbeat works well.

Products and Tools For The Cleaning Job
Make sure you have all the products and tools you need to clean your bathroom, so as not to waste time up and down stairs to get what you need.  Put your products in a caddy, bag or basket, something easy to carry with you.

orange lime vac 7                      orange lime vac 8

Have a Method and Plan
Always work in a clockwise order that way you won’t repeat yourself.  Leave items that need a soak in a product all soaked up whilst you work on areas that can be cleaned quickly.

That’s the 3 rules, now here is the basic kit you will need for cleaning your bathroom

1. Five microfiber cloths for, cleaning, dusting and polishing.
2. Glass cleaning cloth for mirrors and windows.
3. Bathroom cleaner for bath basin and toilet
4. Tile Cleaner,
5. Plastic bin bag to use as liner in your bathroom bin.
6. Squeegee
7. Toilet Brush
8. Old toothbrush

The method of cleaning your bathroom: Tidying, Cleaning, Floors

The Basin is the start and finish point.

red yell vac

Part 1: Spray, Soak and Tidy
Spray and Soak
Let your product do the work, in a clockwise direction, move around your bathroom spraying everything that needs disinfecting and/or a good soak such as scum around your bath, shower and basin.  Open a window, good ventilation is important, you don’t want to breath in the chemicals.  Leave to soak and you can move on to the tidying.
Have a bin bag with you and put any unwanted items, empty bottles and general rubbish in it.  Put away items and place dirty washing in the basket.  Also tidy up your bottles and items that are already in their place and just need to look neat.  Re-organize if necessary.  Lastly fold up all the towels for a neat and tidy look.

lime bucket sponge
Part 2
Cleaning, Dusting & Scrubbing
Now you’re ready to actually clean your bathroom.  Dust falls from the top to the bottom so it makes sense to start at the top and work your way down.  Put a damp micro fibre cloth over your mop head and secure with an elastic band and get wiping the high levels, starting at the top of the walls/ceilings, getting into the corners and moving on to light fittings, tops of doors and architraves.  You will need to end up with your skirting boards.  Now using your all purpose cleaner and a clean damp micro fibre cloth wipe down all surfaces, removing items as you go along.  Polish items such as taps and shower fitting with a clean dry micro fibre cloth.  When you get to the toilet make sure you get behind it, then using a toilet brush scrub the inside of the bowl including the rim.

yell bucket

Part 3
Points of Contact, Empty Bin, Wipe Floor
The final part, and really quick too.  Wipe clean with disinfectant all points of contact such as door handle, empty the bin and wipe the floor clean with a clean micro fibre cloth and a disinfectant cleaner.




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