Clean As You Go

Keep a caddy in every room of your house with your favourite cleaning products and some cleaning cloths in.   It’s much easier to clean up your mess as you go along if you have the right stuff to hand, if you have to go and get it, particular if you are upstairs and you have to go down, you are far less likely to bother.

Invest in a cordless upright vacuum, preferably one for each floor of your home.  It’s much easier to grab the cordless and hoover up the crumbs you have just dropped on the floor after your coffee and biscuit break for instance.

Get into the habit of giving yourself that extra five minutes here and there when it is needed, such as after dinner and loading the dishwasher before your favourite television programme starts and making the bed after your morning shower, making sure you have that extra five minutes of time before you have to leave for work.

Put some attractive storage baskets around the house, this makes cleaning on the go a lot easier as you can chuck bits and pieces of clutter in and sort the baskets out when you have a bit more time.

Multitasking is great time saver when your’e cleaning on the go.  For instance if you are having a chat on the phone you could be doing a spot of dusting at the same time.  Likewise if you are watching television you could also be doing another cleaning task.

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