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Why Keep Your Home Clean? 1.  It just looks better. A made bed in the morning just looks such much better than a pile of duvet and pillows on the floor.  Piles of dirty dishes needing to be washed, dried and put away just looks hideous.  It is much nicer to be looking at a […]

Get Organized Now.  Do room by room to clean, organise and declutter.  Do one room a month Getting organized and staying that way are difficult jobs for most of us. We try other people’s tools, methods or ideas for organizing our lives, then end up frustrated because we stop using those tools.  Using complicated methods […]

Cleaning a child’s room and keeping it clean can be a source of frustration and irritation for both children and parents alike. However, it need not be a constant source of friction. Creating a system for cleaning a child’s room and teaching the system to the child by modeling the behavior and helping the child […]

A playroom is a place where the kids hang out.  It is important to keep that area tidy, organized and germ-free so that parents and caregivers can be at ease. However, when it comes to children, there is only so much you can do. The playroom is bound to get messy within hours of cleaning. Hence, the […]

A lot of people ignore their bedrooms, because they figure “I’m never in there anyway”. But actually you spend probably 1/3rd of your entire life in that room! Sure, you are asleep most of that time But if the room is full of dust and mould, you are inhaling all of that for 1/3rd of […]

The garage was originally created as the part of the home used to store a car or other vehicle. But over the years has yours become more of a catchall area for power tools, extra furniture, clothing and athletic equipment? Has the mess taken over so much space that you haven’t dreamed of parking a […]

Cleaning up the Clutter When trying to keep your home neat and tidy, cleaning up the clutter is the first thing to do. Better yet, don’t let clutter accumulate in the first place! The best way to reduce or avoid clutter altogether is to handle each thing only once. Instead of dropping dirty clothes on […]

How To Simplify your Home in 10 Steps Having a beautiful house to go home to is something that takes your fatigue away whenever you come home from work. Simplifying your home can do wonders for its overall appearance by getting rid of junk and maintaining cleanliness on a daily basis. Here is how to […]