Why Keep Your Home Clean?

1.  It just looks better.

A made bed in the morning just looks such much better than a pile of duvet and pillows on the floor.  Piles of dirty dishes needing to be washed, dried and put away just looks hideous.  It is much nicer to be looking at a clean, tidy and sparkling kitchen.  Also folded clothes put away looks much better than if they have been flung around and the same with toys.   Paperwork is always best dealt with on a regular basis and not left to pile up.

2.  When your house is clean it’s easier to get more done.

Doing a bit of speed cleaning first thing every day and getting things into order can jump start you into getting all the other things done for the rest of the day.  It’s easier to become distracted when there is a mess too.

3.  It would be embarrassing to have friends and family over or any visitors.

If you keep your home clean and tidy on a regular basis, it’s no problem if anyone pops in but if it’s a mess all the time it could be really embarrassing.

4. Unable to find things.

If you throw things out that are no longer needed or required and put everything away in it’s proper place, it makes it so much easier to find things when you want them.

5.  Kids play better.

Kids seem to have a great ability to make an instance mess and then not be able to find anything.  Teach them to clear up their stuff at the end of every day and you will find they will play better.  Go through their toys with them from time to time and have a good sort out and clear out.

6. Hubby happy too.

Who wants to come home to a chaotic house after a long day’s work.  Try to be organized before he is due to return and you could even have the dinner prepared.

7.  It saves money.

If you look after your belongings and put them away after use, they won’t need replacing.

8.  It helps in getting a good night sleep.

It is so much nicer and more comforting getting into a lovely made bed compared to a tangled up one.  You will be instantly relaxed and ready for sleeping.

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