A playroom is a place where the kids hang out.  It is important to keep that area tidy, organized and germ-free so that parents and caregivers can be at ease. However, when it comes to children, there is only so much you can do. The playroom is bound to get messy within hours of cleaning. Hence, the art of cleaning a playroom needs to be cultivated


1  Begin by picking up toys lying around, coloring books, crayons, storybooks and games that are dotted around all over the playroom. Store them at their designated location.

2  Carry a basket and put in stuff that doesn’t belong in the playroom into it.  This might be food items such as cakes and sweets, items that parents or childminders might have accidentally left in the playroom etc.

3  Bin broken toys or products that are no good. Empty out the drawers and see if there are any coloring books that are completely filled in and chuck them out. Papers that are partially drawn and forgotten should also be chucked away too.

4  Open the puzzle boxes or game containers and ensure that the right items are stored in the right box. Often, children, when asked to clean their playroom, grab the nearest box and throw the puzzle pieces or toys in it without bothering to check whether they have the right box.

5  Look underneath the tables, chairs, cabinets and bed (if any) in the playroom to find missing puzzle pieces.

6  Store all the toys, stickers, puzzles and coloring bit and pieces appropriately and label the boxes.

7  Consider involving kids in the cleaning playroom project.  Encourage them with treats and rewards such as home baked cakes or a visit to the local swimming pool.

8  Sweep or vacuum the floor, including corners. Hard floor areas should be mopped with disinfectant floor cleaner.

9  Use disinfectant wipes to clean the toys, especially if you have a toddler who likes to put toys in the mouth.

10  Clean the playroom furniture such as tables and chairs with disinfectant wipes.  More often than not, playroom furniture is made of durable plastic  which is very easy to clean.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wait till the kids go to school or their chosen activities before you make a start on the cleaning playroom project if the kids are distracted easily when they help with the cleaning. Often the kids forget that they are supposed to help with cleaning and instead end up playing, which may delay your cleaning mission.
  • If the playroom houses certain toys that the children no longer use, consider donating them to your local charity. Involve kids in this process so that they develop this enriching quality.

Do not leave cleaning supplies in the playroom. Also do not use heavy duty cleaners containing bleach on toys or even floor.

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