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It is important to keep your office hygienic by keeping it clean and free from clutter and mess in order to get the most out of your employees.  A great deal of time is spent at the office and no one likes to work in a dirty and messy environment.  If you follow these few simple tips you will realise how […]

Why is office cleaning so important? For a business in any industry, its office space is absolutely vital. This will either be where the bulk of your operations are carried out, or at least where important administrative functions are performed on a daily basis. It may be the location for important meetings with clients or […]

The Importance Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning If you are a landlord and are wanting the best rental for your properties, it is important to make sure they are in the best condition.  On the other hand, employing end of tenancy cleaners is also an important consideration for both incoming and outgoing tenants.  So, if […]

You do a better job than I do.  Geraldine I really don’t have the time, but i really appreciate you guys from Kleenology coming in on a weekly basis and doing your stuff.  Poppy I’m away all week with work and don’t want to spend the weekends cleaning. Babs I would rather spend my little free […]

10  Reasons to have a Clean Can’t be Bothered Wife on Strike Ill-Health Too Busy Want to Spend Time with Family Prefer Gardening to Cleaning Accidentally Broke a Toe Hoover Blew Up It’s my Birthday More time for Shopping   10 Reasons For A Weekly Clean Wife still on Strike The Kids are home from […]