10  Reasons to have a Clean

Can’t be Bothered
Wife on Strike
Too Busy
Want to Spend Time with Family
Prefer Gardening to Cleaning
Accidentally Broke a Toe
Hoover Blew Up
It’s my Birthday
More time for Shopping


10 Reasons For A Weekly Clean

Wife still on Strike
The Kids are home from Uni
I want to do something more useful with my time
The hairy dogs moult all the time
I’m a complete slob
I have Repetitive Stress Syndrome
It frees up time to watch the Jeremy Kyle Show
I can’t be bothered
I’m Lazy and I’m Rich enough to have it done
I’m rubbish at Cleaning

One Reason Not To Have a Weekly Clean
I Can’t Think of One!!!!!

Get Kleenologised

Please Write in with your Reasons Why You Need A Clean

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