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Kleenology are pleased to present: The Kleenology Bin System of disposable feminine hygiene bins Available in pretty pink or gorgeous metallic grey with fresh glossy surface No service costs or contracts No need to see or handle the contents Halve your feminine hygiene costs Easy to¬†use by your cleaning staff. Whole bin is disposed of, […]

  Kitchen Hygiene To avoid making yourself ill through breeding bugs and accumulated germs in your kitchen, you need to be aware of routinely cleaning it to ensure it stays a hygienic environment for you and your housemates. Follow these tips to keep your kitchen free of germs and avoid getting food poisoning: Wipe down […]

In warm weather bins can get smelly, which can attract flies. The flies lay eggs on food waste, and the eggs hatch into maggots inside the bins. Managing your waste carefully during the summer can prevent these. Remember that any waste you put into the black bin will be sent to a landfill. In the […]

Maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness is a must for anyone who works with others. Keeping up personal hygiene and cleanliness at work is important. When you work for long periods of time, you are bound to get a little smelly and dirty. When you keep clean at work, you make a good impression on people. […]

Office hygiene is important in reducing the spread of germs and creating a safe workplace. Without good hygiene, one person sneezing can quickly turn into reduced efficiency and production levels as the whole office gradually contracts the illness. Improving office hygiene requires work on the part of both employees and employers; while employers are responsible […]