Maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness is a must for anyone who works with others.

Keeping up personal hygiene and cleanliness at work is important. When you work for long periods of time, you are bound to get a little smelly and dirty. When you keep clean at work, you make a good impression on people. You will also be able to avoid some nasty viruses going around the office.


Wash your hands frequently. You should wash your hands every time you are done in the bathroom and before every meal or snack. This doesn’t mean run your hands under the water for ten seconds and call it done. It means scrubbing your hands and fingernails thoroughly with soap and hot water for at least thirty seconds.

Wear only clean clothes to work. Reusing clothes for the second or third day can cause you to smell bad, as you continue to sweat throughout the day. Clothes already worn tend to be wrinkly and stained. You want your co-workers to want to be around you and you want to make a good impression on your client or boss.

Keep hand sanitizer in your desk and use it throughout the day. It can be a hassle to walk to the bathroom every hour or so to wash your hands. This makes it great to have hand sanitizer at your desk or work area so you can get a squirt whenever you need one.

Keep a spare deodorant stick and hairbrush in your desk or locker. You never know when you will be stuck at the office late or overnight working on a big project. You don’t want your team members thinking you stink. You may also realize one morning that you left the house without doing your hair or putting on deodorant. Then you will be very thankful that you planned

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