In warm weather bins can get smelly, which can attract flies.

The flies lay eggs on food waste, and the eggs hatch into maggots inside the bins.

Managing your waste carefully during the summer can prevent these.

Remember that any waste you put into the black bin will be sent to a landfill.

In the kitchen

Empty your kitchen bin regularly and make sure waste is properly wrapped or bagged before putting it in your wheeled bins or waste sacks.

Minimise smells by rinsing residue off food packaging such as yoghurt pots and microwave trays before putting them in the bin.

Make sure your kitchen bins have close fitting lids; swing-top bins can sometimes let flies get inside. If you have a kitchen caddy, keep the lid closed.

Keep all food covered up and do not leave food waste on work surfaces: wrap it and put it in your kitchen caddy or bin straight away.

Waste disposal

Keep your bins clean: wrapping food waste and bagging all other waste will help. You could also rinse your bins out with detergent; you might wish to use a bin-cleaning service for this.

If possible store your wheeled bin out of direct sunlight, as the sun will warm up the bin, increase the smell and help attract flies.

Ensure that all bin lids are kept closed. If your bin is damaged or missing please report it to our customer service team who can arrange a repair or replacement.

Other tips

Try composting your kitchen vegetable waste in a home compost bin with a lid. This complements the green bin service.

If nappies are included in your rubbish, empty solids into the toilet and then double-bag the nappy. Consider using washable nappies to reduce waste.

Try not to prepare more food than you need, so reducing the amount of food you throw away.


If maggots do get into your wheeled bin, most of them will go when your bin is emptied.

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