Shower Door Cleaning Service To Remove Limescale and Water Stains

We offer a renovation and restoration service for your lime scaled and water stained shower doors. Using a special treatment and some real effort we can get your shower cubicle looking great again! The main problem with lime scale is that it creeps up on you and makes it an impossible task of removing it, well Shiny Showers is the equaliser that fights back, we come prepared. So if you are fed up with your cloudy shower doors and desire a bright outlook, give Shiny Showers a call on 07778 282047. We can treat other areas too! Such as tiles, mirrors, taps, basin and bath as well as your kitchen such as draining board, taps and tiles.   We can also offer a treatment to protect and seal your shower doors once we have got them sparkling again. This will make it easy for you to maintain and clean them thereafter.

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New Shower Doors

If you have new shower doors that have recently been installed, our Seal & Protect Treatment is just what you need so that you can keep them looking new with little effort. Having spent a lot of money on them it is well worth protecting and cleaning them is so quick and easy!! Just reapply every 3-6 months.  The best product you will ever purchase for your home.

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The Benefits Include:
Easier & cost effective cleaning & maintenance
A lasting barrier that resists resoiling
Protection when shower in use and from scratches and etching
Eradicates costly repairs and renovation
As well as your glass shower doors, can be used on your basin, bath, shower tub & tiles
Can also be used around your kitchen
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