It’s incredible how much a cleaning professional can get done in a short amount of time. You could probably clean someone else’s house quicker than your own home too. Why is that?

Think about it: if you were going to have someone clean your house, what would you do before they came? Most people make a list of what they want done, get everything picked up and the kids and pets out from underfoot. Already, you can visualise part of the problem.. So here are some tips to clean like a pro:

A professional has a list to work from. So what do you want to achieve on cleaning day? Psychologists tell us that if you write things down the night before you’re more likely to do them. So go ahead make a list for yourself. And stick to it!

A professional doesn’t get sidetracked. Here’s where most of us go wrong. Distraction is your number one enemy! And truth be known, you’d probably much rather sort through the magazines than, say, scrub the toilet, but be strong and stick to your list. Make a mental note of projects that need to be done and move on. Don’t get sidetracked. Don’t even answer the phone, check your emails or get engrossed in a tv programme.

A professional (usually) doesn’t have kids to contend with. If at all possible, clean your house when you don’t have the kids around. Take them to their grandparents, trade with a friend or get Dadd to take them to the park. Be creative and enjoy yourself.

A professional (usually) starts with a house that’s straightened. Try to get the house de-cluttered the night before. Set out your cleaning supplies and list and you’ll be ready and raring to go in the morning.

A professional carries all the supplies from room to room. This is far more efficient than getting out and putting back supplies in each room. And keep cleaning products to a  minimum. You don’t need special cleaners for each of your surfaces in spite of what advertisers say. You’d be amazed at how much of your house can be cleaned with simple soap and hot water!

A professional isn’t interrupted. Every break in your routine takes up unnecessary time. It takes time to stop what you’re doing, time to start another task, time to complete that task and then more time to start again on what you were doing in the first place!

A professional must work within a certain time frame. Set your own time limit. Try to improve your time a little each week. This will keep you moving and on the right track. And remember to take a 10-15 minute break somewhere in the middle of your routine

A professional is paid for her work. Okay, so maybe no one is going to pay you for your efforts, but at least you can do something nice for yourself. Whether it’s a chocolate chip cookie, time to read or a leisurely bubble bath, give yourself some sort of reward.


If at all possible, give yourself a break every month or two and have a professional cleaner to come and give your home a good going over. You’ll be amazed and pleased at how much easier it is for you to maintain your house in between visits.

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