Please write in to us at Kleenology: The Guildford Cleaning Company, with your reviews regarding your experiences of vacuum cleaners, good and bad.

I had a Dyson and a very hairy dog, it was very heavy but did pick up the hairs but it only lasted a year.  I then tried a Vax, but same again, heavy and effective and only lasted a year.  So after my expensive experiences i thought i would try out a cheap option and went for the value Argos upright vacuum.  Well, 3 years on, its still going strong, picks up the hairs and is much easier to use.  I would highly recommend it.  Sandra from Merrow

I love my Henry, i’ve had it for years, it’s never let me down and it’s great for going up and down the stairs, which is brill as i live in a 3-storey house.  Della from Woking

I’ve just spent out alot of money on a Dyson and am regretting it already, although it picks up well, it’s so heavy and i struggle getting it upstairs, i’m already thinking of buying something else to keep upstairs, just havent’ decided what yet…. any suggestions? Paula from Burpham

I Bought an Argos Value today as my old hoover packed up this morning.  Will let you know how it goes, but on trest driving it today and the house was in desperate need, it did a fantastic job!  Alan from Godalming.

I too have just bought an Argos Value, I bought the one for pet hair as i have a very hairy dog.  The suction is so great on it, that its hard work to hoover, but i must say i am enjoying a hair free home.  Mandy from Guildford.

I have 2 cylinder Dyson Vacs, one upstairs and one down stairs.  I find them easy to use, easy to empty, and they really do pick up all the dirt which is very necessary as i have 4 young children, 2 large dogs and 2 cats.  Mrs Taylor-Jones from Farnham 08/08/2012

I bought a Miele Cylinder ten years ago and its still going strong.  The suction is second to none, it picks up all my cat hairs, food bits from the kids, mud from my husband’s boots and general muck that we all spread around the carpets.  It wasn’t cheap originally, but then you get what you pay for, like I say, I’ve had ten years worth so far.  When it finally dies on me I will definitely be getting another Miele.  Miranda from Bagshot 16/08/2012


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