Many of us spend as much time in the office as we do at home so it is just as important to have a clean environment at your place of work just as you do at home.  The telephone, keyboard and mouse harbor many germs and bacteria and are generally used by various people so the cleaning of these items is very important to keep sickness of employees to a minimum, as is personal hygiene such as washing hands after visiting the toilet.  It is also better for staff moral to have a clean office and is also very important for your business if you have customers and clients visiting your building.  You certainly wouldn’t get returning ones in an untidy unclean premise.  It makes sense to employ a cleaning company, leaving you and your employees to get on with the job you are there to do.  Kleenology can undertake that job for you giving you a service that is tailored to your individual needs, from a daily clean to once a week cleaning and in or out of hours, whatever you require.  Just give us a call on 01483 388233 to arrange a meeting at time that is convenient and we can discuss your cleaning requirements.

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