Steam cleaning is a great way to clean and sanitise your home without the use of chemicals.

How steam cleaners work

  1. Steam cleaners use tap water which heats up to over 200° to produce steam.
  2. The steam is then pushed out through the machine onto the surfaces around your home.
  3. The steam from the machine loosens the dirt and grime. As well as cleaning, steam also sanitises surfaces killing up to 98% of potentially harmful bacteria and germs including: mould, mildew, dust mites, bed bugs and fleas.
  4. The microfibre steam cleaning cloths are placed over the cleaning attachment. They trap the steam as it comes out of the machine which prevents the steam from dissipating into the air, so it cleans the dirt in a more efficient way.

Benefits of steam cleaning

  • Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly
    As steam cleaning only uses water and heat you don’t need to use chemicals such as ammonia or bleach which are very harmful to the environment.
  • Benefits to your health
    Cleaners that contain chemicals can leave a residue on surfaces which might be hazardous and in some cases can even cause allergies or diseases. Definitely not a good thing for kids and pets.
    Steam cleaning has been proven to get rid of bed bugs, fleas and dust mites. causing allergic reactionns. By eliminating dust mites you reduce your exposure to these allergens and also reduce the chance of your children having asthma.
    Save money
    Steam cleaning can be used throughout the home on almost all surfaces and furniture so you therefore can reduce dramatically the amount you would spend on cleaning products.
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