Areas For Steam Cleaning

Kitchen work surfaces
PVC Flooring
Sanitary related areas
Stubborn stains
Stone floors
Freshens textiles, curtains, etc.
Doors & woodwork etc.

Why choose steam cleaning?

Steam Cleaners are proven to kill all dust mites and break down their allergens.

As well as steam, our professional, top of the range steam cleaner uses suction and is safe, high quality and great for chemical free cleaning and allergen control.

Because only water is used in the cleaning process, a steam cleaner is of particular benefit to people sensitive to cleaning agents. Steam cleaning is the natural, environmentally friendly way to clean, without the use of chemicals, and so sanitize and disinfect most surfaces as well as deodorizing odours by simply using dry steam.


How does it work?

Our steam cleaning process cleans and disinfects using water and heat (producing hot steam over 200°F). Dust mites, mould, fungi and other harmful airborne spores that can be inhaled, are eliminated.

How can steam cleaning help me if I have am sensitive to chemicals?

If you suffer sensitive to chemicals, then steam cleaning is the best cleaning solution for you. Because the steam cleaning process uses no cleaning fluids or chemicals, as well as sanitising the surface being cleaned, it will actually eliminate chemical residues and odours (such as perfume) from fabric, which may have been left behind from previous cleaning activities.

Where can steam cleaners can be used?

Steam cleaners can be used to:

  • Eliminate dust mites (and their eggs) from bedding, carpets, upholstery and clothing without the use of chemicals. In addition, many germs and viruses are killed in the process.
  • Kill mould spores in bathrooms, basements, windows and other damp areas. (Note: it will not eliminate mould that is already ingrained into grouting between tiles).
  • Sanitise and clean carpets, floors (wood, tiled, vinyl, concrete), glass, mirrors, blinds, clothes, fabrics, and even stuffed toys.
  • Clean your kitchen, bathroom and sanitise worktop surfaces and drains. Baked on grease and grime can be removed from hobs, ovens, grills, barbecues and microwaves, together with the underside of fridges, where food residue and mildew build up.
  • Clean and sanitise taps, tiles, showers, toilets, baths and shower curtains etc.
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