Speed Cleaning Tips: Cleaning In Between Your Pro Cleaner Visits

How much you clean between your pro cleaner visits depends on three things: 1) how often you have a cleaning service 2) your standards for an acceptably clean house and 3) the number of high maintenance items you have, such as clear glass shower doors, and chandeliers and whether you have pets. However, most people find they don’t need to do a lot of cleaning in between times.

  • Keep everything well picked-up. Try never to go to bed with a messy house. Get the family involved! A neat and tidy house automatically looks clean. Plus, you’ll get a lot more for your pro cleaning pound if the surfaces are clear and ready to be cleaned.

  • Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters. Generally, you don’t have to move everything to clean underneath, but do keep the counters clean and shiny.

  • Clean kitchen sink and appliances as needed.

  • Wipe the spots off bathroom mirrors. Use Window Wipes in each bathroom to take care of both mirrors and counters.

  • Sweep/vacuum floors. To preserve your carpets for years to come you must vacuum frequently. If that’s not an issue for you, you may not even need to run the vacuum between visits

  • Squeegee shower doors after each shower. The 30 seconds this takes means no soap buildup. This too will save your cleaners time, and you money.

  • Dust if you have to. If dust allergies are an issue or your conscience demands you dust every day or two, you should consider buying a good quality lambswool duster. Contrary to what some people think they do not “just spread the dust around,” they actually attract dust by the natural oil found in lambswool. You won’t believe how easy dusting can be. ( On the other hand, some of us just think of dust as a wood preservative and don’t bother worry about it!)

We realise there may be other things that are important to you to do between cleanercl visits, but these are the basics.

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