Please write in with your experiences of limescale remover, good or bad, particularly with reference to those neglected shower doors in this very hard water area.

I have recently moved into my new house which was lovely and clean when i moved in.  However, the shower doors to the 2 bathrooms have been totally neglected and i have tried every limescale remover on the market which as you can imagine has cost me a lot of money with no favourable outcome.  Is there anyone out there who knows of a limescale remover that really does do what it says on the tin.  Martha from Guildford

I too would love to know about a really good limescale remover, i have moved from the North of England and I can’t believe how hard the water is in this neck of the woods.  Samantha from Normandy

I had a new bathroom installed 4 years ago including a new shower with shower doors which cost me alot of money.  I was advised to wipe down the doors after every shower, so i must say i do this as part of my routine and am so pleased i have as my shower screen still looks practically brand new.  This is the best advice i can give.  I don’t know what you would use on a shower door that hasn’t had this treatment.  I have a friend who has tried so many different things as she moved into a property with a really bad limescale problem, so i know she would love to hear about a product that could solve this problem.  So anyone out there, please share your secret.  Patricia from Farnham. 02/08/2012

I was looking for a regular cleaner and found your company but firstly i felt i had to write a review on this page of yours.  The water is particularly hard here, i had a new bathroom installed which cost alot of money and i also had a water softening system installed as i didnt want my new bathroom ruined by limescale.  Well, i must say, the extra money for the water softener really wasnt worth it.  I am still getting a build up of limescale, an ongoing problem.  So I too, would love to know the product secret…………… if there is one.  Veronica from Frensham 05/08/2012

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