Time-Saving Tips for Kitchen Cleaning

We  all want a showroom look kitchen, but how easy is it to achieve?

1. A Well-Stocked Supply Cupboard with Kitchen Cleaning Products

Have all your cleaning products in one dedicated area of the kitchen and keep your supplies well stocked up, and then you will always be ready to clean.

• A good place for your supplies can be under the kitchen sink or maybe a bid decorative basket.

• Keep all the heavy duty cleaning products such as bleach and oven cleaner in a separate plastic or metal box.

• Keep items such as gloves, cloths and mop heads together so they are easily found.

• Check regularly that you have enough supplies and buy plenty of each well in advance of running out.

2. Small, Scheduled Bursts of Kitchen Cleaning

Ever had that friend or neighbour knocking on your door unexpectedly and the kitchen is in an embarrassing mess?  It is more efficient and less stressful if you set aside small regular periods of time to keep your kitchen looking up together rather than letting it get in a state and having to tackle a ridiculous almost impossible task.

Set aside suitable times throughout the work to tackle different cleaning tasks.  The more you stick to this regime the easier it will become.

3.Research Tips and Tricks for a Clean Kitchen

Always listen out for great tips and tricks on easy and effective ways to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.  Here are a few

• Place a sheet of aluminium foil over the bottom rack of the oven to prevent food and oil spillage which then becomes burnt on and hard to clean

• Microwaves are easy to clean if you place wet paper towels on the bottom and heat the machine up.

• If your’e not ready to wash up, fill a bowl of hot soapy water and place the dishes in it.  Leave to soak until you are ready to handle that chore.  It will now be less of a chore.

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