What is your attitude towards housework? The very thought of it makes many a woman shudder – a boring thankless task.  On the other hand, in our business we often hear our cleaners say ‘you must think i’m mad but I love to clean’ or ‘i get such satisfaction of getting rid of all those cobwebs’.

Whether you love it or hate it, there are probably times when your attitude towards house cleaning could stand a little change. If we can learn to enjoy house cleaning more, chances are we will do it better and faster. Housework may seem dull and boring, but with a little wit and imagination we can make it more fun.

Cleaning is great exercise. Vigorous house cleaning gives your whole body a work out.  If you become conscious of how you are moving, you could work on toning specific muscle groups.  It may not replace your regular exercise program, but look at how much you’re achieving at the same time and the gym isn’t half expensive these days!!!

It can challenge your ingenuity. Think in terms of time-saving, energy-saving, and money-saving techniques and you’ll be amazed at how many new ways of doing things you will come up with.

You can gain a real sense of accomplishment. Psychologists tell us that one of the major causes of job dissatisfaction in the modern world is that most people are involved in only small segments of any given job or project; they seldom see the whole. Thus, there is little feeling of pride or accomplishment. But whether you clean one room or the whole house, you have accomplished something tangible, you can see the results.

Housework is a change from the mental to the physical. A nice change of pace, especially if you sit at a desk all week.


Cleaning can provide the opportunity for meditation. Yes, it’s true! There is an aspect of yoga called “housewives meditation”. This comes about when you are so into the task at hand that you almost become a part of it. Anyone can do it with a little practice, and you will find it a refreshing, revitalising experience.

You can use your housework time for planning, thinking through problems, dreaming. With our hectic pace, we never have enough time for thoughts such as these.

You can no doubt add ideas of your own to this list. And that very process will make your cleaning time much more fun and enjoyable. Give it a go …You’ll see.

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