How to Clean out a Rabbit Hutch

It’s a chore, but you need to know how to do it properly. These same steps can apply for guinea pig hutches as well.

Take your rabbit(s) or guinea pig(s) out of the cage. Put them in a exercise pen or crate, at a place where other pets can’t bother them.3

Scoop up the dirty shavings and put them in the bin bag. Hopefully, you will have put newspaper down under all the wood shavings or hay, in which case you can roll up most of the debris in the newspaper and dispose of it more easily.

Scoop up the remaining loose shavings and hay and then brush up all the last bits with a brush and dustpan.4

Wash and disinfect the floor of the hutch. Use an old bucket and cloth: put some warm, soapy water in the bucket – the soap or disinfectant you use must be bunny- or guinea pig-friendly. Never use bleach or household cleaners!

Dry the floor with an old towel.

Put down newspaper all over the floor. Make this a few layers thick so that it won’t disintegrate when you next clean the hutch.6

Put down new shavings. The shavings should be 1cm thick all over the floor.7

Clean the food and water containers, and the hay rack. Replace the food, water, and hay.8

Add a layer of hay. Hay is preferable to straw, as the animals eat it as well as play and sleep in it.9

Put the rabbits/piggies back in the cage and you’re done!

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