Dog hair seems to accumulate on your carpets faster than you can remove it, in fact, it’s an ongoing nightmare.  However, if you know what you are doing it really isn’t that hard to keep on top of it and here’s how.

Buy a vacuum cleaner with a pet attachment and use it frequently.  Get into the nooks and crannies with the crevice attachment.

Sponge Mop
For short piled carpets, using a sponge mop after vacuuming can be very effective.  Spray the mop head with a little water to dampen it and rub back and forth over each stairs, removing the hair from the sponge as you go along.  Make sure you keep this mop for this particular job as you don’t want to transfer chemicals to your carpet or dog hair on your kitchen floor.

Fabric Softener
Great for removing hairs that are well embedded into the carpets fibres.  Wipe the carpet with a fabric softener sheet before vacuuming.  Alternatively mix one part fabric softener with 3 part water in a spray bottle and lightly spray carpet and leave for a few hours, then vacuum with your pet attachment.

Rubber Gloves
Old rubber gloves are great for de-hairing your carpet.  Dampen them first and rub your hands from back to front.  Leave to dry and follow up with a vacuum.


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