Four Daily Routines to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy Enough

Morning Routine

Make your bed and get everyone in the house to make their beds too, put clothes away or in the linen basket and if it’s full put a wash on. As you walk about the house put things away that are cluttering the house.

Clean Basins and Sinks

Clean all basins and sinks in the house, it makes such a difference doing this job on a daily basis.

Cleaning Frenzies

Go cleaning crazy for ten, maybe twenty minutes everyday and do whatever cleaning job takes your fancy or is very necessary.  Run around picking things up and putting them away or whiz around with the vacuum cleaner.  Ger everyone involved, it can actually be quite fun and you get so much done.  A frenzy can be concentrating on one particular room or it can be a scoot around the whole house.

Nightly Kitchen Clean Up

Always clean and tidy the kitchen before you settle down for the evening, it is lovely to wake up in the morning and come down to a clean kitchen.  Load the dishwasher or wash and put away dirty dishes, wipe down kitchen worktops and clean and polish sink.

Just doing these four tasks every day keeps your house under control and clean enough and when it comes to your weekly clean it doesn’t seem so much of a chore.

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