A Toothbrush is a great cleaning tool

It is one of the cheapest cleaning tools and is so versatile and is able to get into all the little crevices where dirt goes.

Here are some areas of your home where a toothbrush will come in handy. In most cases, your favourite cleaning products or simply warm, soapy water over the toothbrush bristles will be adequate to do the job.

1. Edges of the kitchen and bathroom sinks

2. Sink drain
To clean out the drain in your bathroom or kitchen sink, just pour vinegar down the drain. Then take your toothbrush and scrub!

3. Stove and dishwasher knobs
If you’ve ever tried using a sponge it just doesn’t work well enough. The aim is to remove all of the dirt, not just some of it. That’s were a toothbrush is so good as it allows you to get under and behind the knobs, which is actually where the dirt builds up.

5. Linoleum flooring
Put a blob of toothpaste onto a moist toothbrush and get down on your hands and knees to get stubborn stains out, especially marks made from boots or high heels.

6. Lampshade
Getting dust off a lampshade, particularly the pleated type is so much easier with a toothbrush.

7. Framed pictures or art
Take a small piece of gauze and cover the bristles. That does a good job of cleaning the corners of framed pictures.  If you don’t cover the bristles you might well scratch a beautiful frame.

8. Toilet-seat hinges
A toothbrush is a great cleaning tool for the toilet.

9. Wall sockets for light switches
Great for the on and off button to a switch.

10. Sliding glass doors
You know the runners on a shower area’s sliding glass doors? They get pretty grimy and are a right pain to clean. The job is made so much easier with a toothbrush.

11. Window frames
The insides of window frames are prime target for mould and a toothbrush is a brilliant tool for tackling this cleaning job.

12. Vents
Get a wet rag and tie it round a toothbrush, makes cleaning vents a lot easier.

13. Taps
Great around the base of taps

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