Shiny Silver Cutlery
To get your solid silver cutlery gleaming, line a large plastic bowl with foil, shiny side up, add some soda crystals and fill with warm water.  Place the cutlery in the bowl and in a few minutes they will be sparkling.  Rinse in plain warm water and buff to a gleaming shine with a dry microfibre cloth.

Red Wine Stains
Pour some soda water on the stain and soak up with paper towels, repeat the process until the stain has vanished.

Lime scale Deposits on Shower Head
To clean your lime scaled showerhead, heat some white vinegar in a saucepan and pour it into a plastic bowl.  Place the shower head in the warm vinegar and to keep it immersed use masking tape.  Leave for an hour.  Some of the lime scale will have fallen off, use an old toothbrush to rub the remainder off, rinse and buff dry with a micro fibre cloth.

Lime Scale on Taps
Soak some paper towels in warm white vinegar and wrap around your taps, leave for an hour and rinse with plain warm water.  Buff dry with a clean micro fibre cloth.

Scummy Bath
Clean your bath with some cream cleaner and a soft sponge to prevent scratching, this will bring your bath up beautifully.

Toilet Cleaning
It is much more hygienic to use some paper towels and cream cleaner to scrub your toilet bowl as the paper towels can be thrown away after use.  Toilet brushes are so unhygienic.

Fresh Laundry Baskets
Place a few paper towels in the bottom of your laundry baskets and sprinkle a few drops of tea tree oil to keep those pongy smells away.

Streak Free Windows
Mix together 25% white vinegar with warm water to wash your windows.  Scrunch up some newspaper to buff dry and finish off with a dry clean micro fibre cloth.

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