More Cleaning Tips

All purpose cleaner using dishwasher liquid: mix a few drops in a spray bottle filled with water, it’s great for cleaning around your home.

Bathroom Tiles: use lemon oil to shine your tiles and help prevent mould and mildew.

Bathroom Mat: not easy to vacuum, so shake outside, then wash in your washing machine once a week.

Shower Head: Your shower head all limescaled up?  Place in a bowl of white vinegar over night.

Mattress refresher:  mattresses have to suffer our sweat during the night so freshen it up with baking soda and lavender oil a few times a year.

Alka Seltzer: to clean your flower vase, drop a couple of tablets in and some water, leave for half an hour and rinse, great for getting those stains off.

Carpet Stains: spilt your red wine of dropped your curry?  Rub in a little toothpaste on your stain to remove it.

Pumice Stone: Fantastic for cleaning your oven.

Messy Burnt Oven: Put some water in an oven tray with some citrus peels, turn on to a medium/high temperature for about 20 mins, turn off and leave to cool.  Scrubbing will be so much easier.

Clean aluminium pans:  Use apple peel to clean them, the acid in apples will get them looking like new again.

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