National Clean Up Your computer Month is every January. With the cold outside, January is a good time to clean up your computer on the inside and out.

There are several things you can do to keep your computer running smoothly.  Use a small vacuum cleaner for your keyboard, canned air for the inside of the case and microfibre cloths with a touch of soap and water to clean plastic parts.

Do you know how often you should clean your computer? There are some points to consider about the environment your computer lives in to help you work out how often to clean your computer.

First of all, are you in a smoking environment? If you or someone in your home or office smokes, you should clean your computer more often than those in a non-smoking environment.

Do you eat or drink at your computer? If this is the case, you should clean your computer a little more often to get those crumbs and soft drink stains off the keyboard and/or monitor.

If your computer is in a home/home office environment, your computer should be cleaned more often than computers in an office setting. There’s more dust kicking around in our homes than in offices.

If you have pets (cats, dogs, birds) where your computer is located, then the computer will need to be cleaned even more often. Pet fluff and fur (or feathers) can get into your computer’s case and create problems for your computer.


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