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Most people hate doint the ironing.. In fact, a lot of people avoid it altogether. However, the reluctance of many to iron clothes is simply caused by a failure of understanding how to iron clothes properly. Learning the right steps to ironing clothes should make the process somewhat easier for you. The process starts after washing your laundry in […]

Here’s how to clean an iron: Keeping your iron clean is important so you don’t transfer dirt or gunk from the hot iron to the material you are ironing. To keep your iron in good working condition, you should read the manufacturer’s manual that came with your iron. Be sure to start with a cool […]

Don’t let a limescale-clogged reservoir or tacky soleplate make ironing even more of a chore than it is already. Remove limescale by filling the reservoir with a solution of clear vinegar and water. Leave for an hour or two, then empty and rinse out with clean water. Check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully first however, as […]