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First of all it is easier if you purchase the basic ingredients for making cleaners around your home. White Vinegar Baking Soda Lemon Juice Hydrogen Peroxide Surgical Spirit Washing Soda Castile Soap A selection of essential oils, such as Orange, Clove, Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree                                                          Bathroom Cleaners Get a large jar and put […]

Homemade Furniture Polish Use 1/4 cup vinegar with a few drops of oil and poor into a spray bottle. The vinegar draws the dirt out of the wood, and the oil lubricates the wood so that it doesn’t dry out. The best oils to use are those that have the longest shelf life. Olive oil […]

This is one of mother nature’s most powerful disinfectants, so its a great idea to clean with it! Here are a few different homemade cleaners which use Eucalyptus oil and can be used to freshen your home. For Floors: Add 1 tablespoon of liquid castile soap to 1 gallon of hot water and 1/3 cup Borax. Mix in […]

A mix of chlorine bleach and water is an effective household disinfectant (and it’s cheap too!), but the bleach is pretty harsh on fabrics, skin and the environment (and a bit stinky too). The good news is that you can still make homemade germ killer cleaners using fresh or dried herbs, essential oils, vinegar and other […]

Simple Homemade Air Freshener Baking soda naturally absorbs odours, so why not take advantage of that to create simple, inexpensive air fresheners? Here’s how: Use a hammer and and a nail to poke holes in the lid of a small canning jar. (The heart is a nice touch, but clearly not necessary) Fill the jar […]

Green Ways to Clean Your Home Commercial cleaning products are expensive and can be bad for the environment. Not only that, they contain perfumes and fragrances that can be harmful to those prone to allergies, or may contain hazardous ingredients that may (or may not) be listed on the package. The fact is that it […]