I love the bathroom cleaners which have bleach in, own brands are just as good and much cheaper. Melanie from Badshot Lea, Farnham

I  use the Cillit Bang  range, smells lovely too!  Does a marvelous job in the bathroom on my 3 grubby boys and in the kitchen with my very messy husband who loves to cook but isn’s so great when it comes to clearing up.  I even use Cillit Bang on my patio windows, which are always grubby with my 2 dogs and my friend’s toddlers who love to  put their chocolate mits all over them, it comes up sparkling clean.  Jane from Guildford. 31/07/2011

I agree with you Jane, Cillit Bang is definitely my favourite, however, thanks for the tip, i Shall give it a go on my patio doors, i am forever cleaning them and i find it such hardwork with window cleaner, i can never seem to get them clean.  I still have a problem with my shower doors, i havent found a product that gets them looking like new and unfortunately Cillat Bang, although good, just isnt good enough.  Maria from Godalming O1/08/2012

I personally just buy what ever is on offer at my local supermarket when i need it.  I feel they are all pretty much the same.  If i come across one that stands out from the crowd when I buy it on offer and try it out, i shall be pleased to post you all of my findings.  Jenny from Bagshot 02/08/2012  

Hello, Jenny again, i just bought some Cif bathroom cleaner at Budgens today at under half price it was £1.49 for 500ml, so i stocked up for the year 04/08/2012

Thanks Jenny for the tip, i went down to Budgens and stocked up on Cif, great price.  I have never used it before, but i have to say it does a great job, left my bathroom gleaming and what a lovely fresh smell.  Elaine from Wrecclesham, Farnham .0/08/2012

I am very much a bleach person, I use it in the bathroom and I use it in the kitchen, that way I know my house is germ free and bleach to me smells of CLEAN.  Mandy from Bellfields. 11/08/2012

I am happy with most domestic cleaners my fav being morrisons own brand.  Maureen from Milford 29/08/2012

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